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She closed the door on a moonlit night

He was turning his mind off

Every breath in her body sighed

Bruises fought for attention

All battered angels cry


No more wings ripped and torn

Hail the comfort of dreaming

Every wrong he has done

No longer covered in silence

The rattle of the devil’s bones


He will tell you what a drag it is

To come home all alone

Feeling troubled to the bone


He will tell you what a life it isAnd pity himself for thisNo more blissJust the silence… slowly creeping in


He tried to cope with the facts of life

But didn’t find any order

Every thought working overtime

Never crossing a border

His guardian angels lie


A bird of prey circling in his sky

Eager to dive and devour

Every rabbit runs for life

Fear grows by the hour

The rattle of the devil’s bones

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